The Advertising Agency Mir Reklamy was set up in 1996. Over the 15 years of business, we have made thousands of marketing campaigns for our customers in different industries and receive a lot of good comments.

The Mir Reklamy today means:

The Mir Reklamy Group of Companies consists of a media department, urban adverting department and printing department.

Media Department is a biggest unit of the company. We have a many-year experience in advertising campaigns in surface transport and the subway; we are a leading Russian internet advertising agency, and a major supplier of advertisements in the printed mass media. Thanks to significant scope passing through the department we ensure that our customers receive the best possible conditions for positioning of their advertisements even under small budgets both at the federal and inter-regional levels, and in individual cities and regions.

Urban Adverting Department deals with purchase of advertisement places on the main screens, transparent banners, city-formats, firewalls, roof installations and stops of public transport in Moscow and other towns of Russia. The department experts have many-year experience in planning and implementation of advertising campaigns in different urban media, and, thanks to significant scopes of positioned advertisements and long-term cooperation
With the companies who own the installations, we can offer the most beneficial leasing conditions. In addition, having our own largest in Russia digital large-format printing capacities, we are able to produce practically any type of outdoor advertisements and we do not need services of any agent. And, it is well known, that the shorter is the way from a producer to the customer the lower the prices are for finished products.

Department of Printing and Decoration of Sales Places. It consists of production of POS-materials and large-format printing. The Mir Reklamy Group of Companies is a largest producer of digital graphic in Russia. The production capacities let it print more than 200 000 square meters of products a month for outdoor and indoor advertisements, interior decoration, exhibitions and automobiles, production of P.O.S.- materials and so on. We deliver our products to any region of Russia. 17 printing machines installed in our production site let us promptly produce posters on different materials of highest possible quality sing banners, paper, net, film, fabric, cloth and so on.

Express four-color and black and white printing is a priority business of our express printing saloon on the production facilities of which within shortest possible time , as a rule, during one day, it is possible to print a wide range of high quality products: information booklets, leaflets, presentations, brochures, business cards and so on; to place an order manufacture of mobile exhibition stands, ultra-thin light boxes, stands, pointers and plates.

An optimal for any customer solution of the advertising matters – this is what we are working for. The thing is that a priority of our Agency is always to find an individual approach to every customer. This is why, we think, among those, who contacted us once, there are many who come back again and again.

We run a successful business, this means that business of our customers flourish, too. The case is that for all our customers, the Mir Reklamy is not only a reliable partner, but a friend, too, who can support under any condition.

Please contact us and order our services by phone +7 (495) 228-06-30.

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